Alexey Luka One short story // Bleichstraße 11

Alexey Luka ranks amongst the most talented and influential young artists of the contemporary art scene in Russia.


Born in Moscow in 1983, the artist now feels at home all over the world, travel having proved to be one of his greatest sources of inspiration. Large-scale murals by the Russian artist can be found in cities such as Tallinn, Marrakech, Moscow and Paris.


Alexey Luka began experimenting with graffiti at the start of 2000, during his architecture studies in Moscow. Initially, the artist merely wrote his pseudonym «Luka« before he developed his unique style based on abstract forms, geometrical figures and a two-dimensional world of colors. In fact, there are usually stories hidden in the Muscovite’s apparently abstract works: an elderly married couple eating dinner, a group of men playing the card game Skat or two bodies intertwined.


The artist rarely discloses the story behind his works, Luka believes it is up to the viewer to reconstruct and interpret the forms and fields of color: Is it a face? A figure? A landscape?


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