Raks & Laune Die Suche // Mainzer Straße 62
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The artists Raks and Laune have known each other for almost 15 years, which is about as long as the duo have been painting together.


Born in 1987 and 1988 in Saarbrücken, the two «local heroes» were already spraying graffiti as adolescents. They attended the same art college, after which they both made a career out of art. The natural bond which has developed as a result after all these years makes Raks and Laune trust each other implicitly.


If the theory «bigger, faster, riskier» were the graffiti watchwords in their teenage years, their artistic aspirations have since risen significantly and their essential focus has shifted. It is now a case of fine tuning the overall image, from the idea to the design and beyond to the coloring and execution of the work.


After painting several murals together, the two artists have come to learn how the other thinks but, at the same time, have remained true to their own individual and highly distinctive style. For example, Laune describes his painting as figurative abstract, while Raks is known for a more graphic style, generally with the letters of his pseudonym «Raks».

Die Suche // Mainzer Straße 62
Die Suche // Mainzer Straße 62
Die Suche // Mainzer Straße 62
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