Aryz Untitled // Nassauerstraße 16
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Lithuania, Finland, Ukraine, China, Morocco, or La Réunion… this young Spaniard Aryz has already left his mark all over the world in the form of giant murals.


Born in 1988 in Palo Alto, California, the artist moved at the age of three with his parents to Barcelona, the metropolis where he still lives and works. Aryz began to paint early in his childhood and later began experimenting with graffiti. These days, he seldom reaches for the spray can, which is why Aryz is characterized more as a street artist, or illustrator and painter.


His style is considered to be a blend of academic art and contemporary techniques. For example, the paintbrush and paint roller are two of the artist’s favorite tools. The Spaniard’s art is distinguished by a certain polarity and contrariness. It is a strange and unusual mix of roughness and softness, a combination which is also reflected in the color palette of the artist, which ranges from strong bright colors to earthy pastel tones. In his figurative motifs, Aryz returns more often than not to exposure of the internal: Skeletons, bones and organs of living creatures.


Untitled // Nassauerstraße 16
Untitled // Nassauerstraße 16
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