ConeTheWeird Die Anatomie // Futterstraße 15
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Although he was born in Munich in 1979, as far as ArtWalk is concerned, the artist Cone The Weird is also one of the «local greats» exhibiting his work in Saarbrücken in its Urban Art route 2017.


The artist came to the Saar to study Visual Communication Design, his education taking him to the Saar College of Fine Arts (HBK) here, after which he co-founded the agency «Bureau Stabil» in Saarbrücken.


In 2012, together with his crew, a renowned art group operating all around the world, Cone painted «The Weird», a variation of Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous «The Last Supper» on the wall of the Saarbrücken city highway. The enormous mural, in which the nine artists substituted animals for Jesus and the apostles, is now practically an icon in Saarbrücken.


Before Cone the Weird began graffiti art in 1993, picture books, comics and illustrated literature shaped his artistic aesthetic. Since 2006 Cone has been working predominantly with black and white tones, creating in his totally unique pictorial aesthetic a poetic universe of images with personal, in part autobiographical references – but also free zones, variables and the unknown. It is not so important for the artist to convey a clear message as to arouse feelings and energies in the viewer, the artist’s images constituting a springboard for an individual journey of interpretation.

Die Anatomie // Futterstraße 15
Die Anatomie // Futterstraße 15
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