Heiko Zahlmann & Stohead Mapped 66117 // Stengelstraße 29
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The artistic careers of Heiko Zahlmann and Stohead intersect in several ways: both were born in 1973, and both began to work with graffiti at the end of the 1980s.


They shared a studio in Hamburg for many years, travelled together and undertook joint projects. Even today, the two German artists occasionally hold duo shows and collaborate on façade paintings.


Heiko Zahlmann and Stohead are united by a passion for writing, the various types of writing and the further development of writing.


Despite the artists having so much in common, their individual styles could not be more different: for example, Stohead explores tagging (stylized graffer signatures), which originates from graffiti, and lettering types such as Gothic and Kufi. Heiko Zahlmann develops so-called ‘pieces’ (large-scale, multicolored sprayed graffiti) further, taking the letters apart and reassembling them in a geometrical form.

Mapped 66117 // Stengelstraße 29
Mapped 66117 // Stengelstraße 29
Mapped 66117 // Stengelstraße 29
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