Remi Rough & LX.One Theo is looking at the window // Försterstraße 21

Remi Rough and LX.One are fellow artists, members of the international art group «Agents of Change» (AOC) and have been best friends for over 10 years now.


The Londoner, born in 1971, and Strasbourger (eight years his junior) got to know each other in 2004. As they both describe themselves as «perfectionists with a penchant for mathematical art», they hit it off straight away. Remi Rough and LX.One have been working together on a regular basis since then. They undertake projects, hold exhibitions and design facades together.


Meanwhile, the two artists are focusing on the forms of expression of graffiti detached from writing, which is the reason why their current work has nothing in common with traditional graffiti any more. Remi Rough and LX.One share a fascination for abstraction. They base their work on the same role models, influences and references. For example, the two artists are guided by art movements such as Suprematism, Constructivism and Minimalism as well as to Kinetic Art and Op Art.

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