Sowat & Lek Saarbroken // Bahnhofstraße 66
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Sowat and Lek are leading representatives of the «Urban Exploration» or «Urbex» movement, the artistic exploration of urban space and so-called lost places – like old industrial ruins and roofs.


The two artists got to know each other in 2009 during a group exhibition in Paris. Their first joint project «Mqusolée» undertaken in the summer of 2010 was already a huge success. Together with other French graffiti artists, they built a mausoleum in an abandoned Paris supermarket with the aim of taking a stand against the loss of underground graffiti subculture, increasingly replaced by street art and its universal pop aesthetic.


Born in 1971, Lek studied architecture. He has already been painting in outdoor spaces for 25 years. When collaborating with his fellow artist, it is usually Sowat who structures the space or façade with abstract forms of expression.


Born in 1978, Sowat has devoted himself to writing since he was 20. His style is often called «calligraffiti», a hybrid of calligraphy and graffiti.


Lek and Sowat are both members of the European art group founded in 1999 «Da Mental Vaporz» (DMV) – a crew renowned all over the world for its extraordinary murals and graffiti styles.


Saarbroken // Bahnhofstraße 66
Saarbroken // Bahnhofstraße 66
Saarbroken // Bahnhofstraße 66
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